This project departs from the idea that in our current society we are busy by constantly having virtual noise from the uninterrupted intake of media. My project is about reality vs a reality altered through media and how it has manifested itself into domestic space, more specifically in each room - as we will see in a minute.  

       I developed each room as its own characters in the production making up a home. This is done by deconstructing the scenes into a theatrical presence influenced by the work of Damian Ortega’s “Disassemble'' art installations. The rooms each develop their own personality as a way of manifesting how outside media affects human behavior in interior space by mixing the perception of real and simulation. Simulation can be an imitation of reality like movies and advertising, recollection of memory, and processing of dreams. The alternate reality is manifested in the architectural surface of screens, wrappings, and reflections. My project addresses the pluralistic collectivity that affects domestic life. Each room identifies the different atmospheres created by the affects media has on its domestic function.


      This idea translates to the exterior through 2 dimensional patterning of architectural surface becoming 3 dimensional objects affecting the atmosphere and quality of the space. .This can best be seen in the gable doorway becoming a repeated impression on the right facade. 











Interior Rooms in Detail


text pic living.JPG

       The living room is a place of performance on and off the screen. The idea is to have an overlaying of patterns to create visual energy simulating conversation. The television creates a 2-dimensional relatable world mirroring reality to allow people to feel connected with a form of simulated reality. The rocking chair is a traditional piece of furniture often passed down through generation.  it is wrapped the Archi Comic “Garbage Sale” where the character sells broken items by rebranding them for a different use.


Living Room

"The Showman"


Living 1.JPG
living 3.JPG
text pic dining.JPG

Dining Room

"The Nostalgic Ritural"


       The dining room is the forgotten room because it is in a transition phase. Instead of connecting over dinner we now connect through technology The dinning room is the idea of connection through nostalgia ,objects and ritual  as explained in “Architecture in Extremis” in the context of hoarding.. People connect through collected items to create a self representative atmosphere.  The objects are curated and arranged according to associated priority. The china cabinet functions as a trophy case. The image displayed on the phone is “The Black and Color wedding in Melbourne of Ryan & Von Bishop”. The contrast of black and bright colors on the phone screen reflect the contrasting personalities the room has taken on.

Dinning perspective new.jpg
Dinning 2.JPG
text pic kitchen.JPG


"The Imposture"


    The Kitchen embodies the idea of how advertisement and manufacturing has influenced the intake of food through imposturism. The vibrant scene is deconstructed and staged like a advertisement. The puppet represents an imposter as advertising unconsciously infiltrates the food people eat. The vegan advertisement refers to imposterism transferred directly into the food itself.


Kitchen tea cups.jpg
Kitchen 1.JPG
Kitchen 2.JPG
text pic bath.JPG

      The bathroom is a place for rejuvenation and cleansing of body and mind. It is a place to wash away physical dirt and troubling thoughts. A mop functions as a shower strengthening the idea of cleaning both the body, the mind and the room. The texture of the mop gives the impression of muddled thought. Thoughts are deconstructed into suspended droplets giving a surreal effect to the scene. As stated in Boredom and bedroom, quote: “Consciousness is recognizing one’s image in the mirror.” The shower curtain obscures the scene and allows for the act of reveal and understanding. The reflection in the mirror is muddled with colors perception of self, based upon outside influences. The ornate mirror alludes to the idea of beauty, reflection, and self-inspection.


"The Cleansing"


Bathroom Bubbles.jpg
Bathroom 1.JPG
Bathroom 2.JPG
text pic Bedroom.JPG


"The Dreamer"


     The bedroom is a private space for rest, self-expression, reflection, and escapism for an individual. Quote: “Boredom is a warm grey cloth that is padded on the inside with the most glowing, colorful silk lining … the sleeper looks grey and bored under it.”-Boredom and Bedroom. This concept is translated into the bedroom by separating the real world and the fictional dream world.  The illusion to symmetry is a reference to the inner world of reflection in the symmetrical format of Johann Erdmann Hummel, “Drawing Room in Berlin”. The mise en abyme composition emphasizes individual focus and distortion of reality in dreaming. 

Bedroom side still.jpg
Bedroom 2.JPG


A library of items form residentual typologies were constructed as a matrix to select from in creating the exterior.

Library chosen items.JPG

Total  Library 

ITEMS 1.png
ITEMS 3.png
ITEMS 2.png